GWD-TN-15: Verbal Section

  1. GWD21-Q1:

  According to analysts, an alliance between three major personal computer companies and most of the nation’s largest local telephone companies would enable customers to receive internet data over regular telephone lines with speeds much higher than is currently possible.

  A. with speeds much higher than is

  B. with speeds that are much higher than are

  C. at much higher speeds as are

  D. at much higher speeds than that

  E. at speeds much higher than are

  2. GWD-18-Q11

  In no other historical sighting did Halley’s comet cause such a worldwide sensation as did its return in 1910-1911.

  A. did its return in 1910-1911

  B. had its 1910-1911 return

  C. in its return of 1910-1911

  D. its return of 1910-1911 did

  E. its return in 1910-1911

  3. GWD21-Q3:

  Highway Official: When resurfacing our concrete bridges, we should use electrically conductive concrete (ECC) rather than standard concrete. In the winter, ECC can be heated by passing an electric current through it, thereby preventing ice buildup. The cost of the electricity needed is substantially lower than the cost of the deicing salt we currently use.

  Taxpayer: But construction costs for ECC are much higher than for standard concrete, so your proposal is probably not justifiable on economic grounds.

  Which of the following, if true, could best be used to support the highway official’s proposal in the face of the taxpayer’s objection?

  A. The use of de-icing salt causes corrosion of the reinforcing steel in concrete bridge decks and damage to the concrete itself, thereby considerably shortening the useful life of concrete bridges.

  B. Severe icing conditions can cause power outages and slow down the work of emergency crews trying to get power restored.

  C. In weather conditions conducive to icing, ice generally forms on the concrete surfaces of bridges well before it forms on parts of the roadway that go over solid ground.

  D. Aside from its potential use for de-icing bridges, ECC might also be an effective means of keeping other concrete structures such as parking garages and airport runways ice free.

  E. If ECC were to be used for a bridge surface, the electric current would be turned on only at times at which ice was likely to form.

  4. GWD21-Q4:

  Which of the following most logically completes the passage?

  Appendicitis (inflammation of the appendix) is potentially fatal; consequently, patients with symptoms strongly suggesting appendicitis almost always have their appendix removed. The appropriate surgery is low-risk but performed unnecessarily in about 20 percent of all cases. A newly developed internal scan for appendicitis is highly accurate, producing two misdiagnoses for every 98 correct diagnoses. Clearly, using this test, doctors can largely avoid unnecessary removals of the appendix without, however, performing any fewer necessary ones than before, since ______.

  A. the patients who are correctly diagnosed with this test as not having appendicitis invariably have medical conditions that are much less serious than appendicitis

  B. the misdiagnoses produced by this test are always instances of attributing appendicitis to someone who does not, in fact, have it

  C. all of the patients who are diagnosed with this test as having appendicitis do, in fact, have appendicitis

  D. every patient who is diagnosed with this test as having appendicitis has more than one of the symptoms generally associated with appendicitis

  E. the only patients who are misdiagnosed using this test are patients who lack one or more of the symptoms that are generally associated with appendicitis